Why We Should All Remember January 27th {with tears}

Many dates stick in people’s memories—February 14th, July 4th, December 25th—but I doubt January 27th is one that stands out in yours.  For most, this date is insignificant. So much so that one website diminishes the importance of the day down to "Chocolate Cake Day"1. The day comes and goes each year with little or no acknowledgement. But for some, this day is … Continue reading Why We Should All Remember January 27th {with tears}

Why My Facebook Remains French-less

I'm sure by now we are all well aware of the events that have taken place in Paris, France this past weekend. (For those still in the dark, scroll through your Facebook timeline and you will soon find answers to your questions [or click here].) As I sat and read the headlines and watched footage of the … Continue reading Why My Facebook Remains French-less