The Beauty of Storytelling

I recently got my first business card. It has a catchy phrase with a photo I took, four different ways to connect with me, my name, and my job title—Missionary Storyteller.  (I'm pretty proud of it, not gonna lie.) When I hand it to people, I'm often met with the same question (after their compliment … Continue reading The Beauty of Storytelling


Something Irresistible—The Journey of a Syrian Refugee

Grenoble, France—June 13, 2017 Grant: Tell me your story. Philip: I’m from Syria. I lived in Damascus, the capital of Syria. I’m from a Muslim background. My family is originally from the Syrian coast. I was born in 1990 and my family was close-to-Atheist. We haven’t practiced the Islamic rituals. Because of the Communist influence … Continue reading Something Irresistible—The Journey of a Syrian Refugee