Life as a Tent Dweller

Three months ago while in Israel (yes, yes, I'm still talking about Israel) I had the chance to stay in the Negev Desert in a Bedouin tent. The Bedouins are a desert-dwelling nomadic people group. Their home is not a stationary building or a designated location. Instead, the tent is their home and they reside wherever they … Continue reading Life as a Tent Dweller

Coming Down from the Mountain

As most of you probably know, I spent this past semester studying abroad in Israel and travelling across Europe. From start to finish, this trip has been one of the greatest experiences of my life and I’m completely humbled and utterly grateful for the opportunity God gave me to do all of this. But as … Continue reading Coming Down from the Mountain

Why We Should All Remember January 27th {with tears}

Many dates stick in people’s memories—February 14th, July 4th, December 25th—but I doubt January 27th is one that stands out in yours.  For most, this date is insignificant. So much so that one website diminishes the importance of the day down to "Chocolate Cake Day"1. The day comes and goes each year with little or no acknowledgement. But for some, this day is … Continue reading Why We Should All Remember January 27th {with tears}